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Исполнитель: Macbeth
Название песни: Dead And Gone
Альбом: Malae Artes (2005)
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Macbeth - Dead And Gone текст песни, lyrics

Under the spell
Of a greenish moon
My heart has sailed the seven seas
Going mad with rage
Please tell me why
Something strange
Makes me drown in my own tears
A voice within me said it was love
What new trick is this?
Her kiss for me is death

For your sake for your sake
You `ve taken lights out of my eyes
Stealing my heart
Burning my love
Ripping my soul
A black mark that means
Dead and gone

Mercy on me
Cruelty is tearing dreams
I `m falling headlong in disgrace
Painful to behold
I can but weep

A hole in my soul
Drives me to despair
A tragic end swallows my hopes
I `m forever lost
Her kiss for me is death

By the moon `s dying light
Wait for me
I `m so far away
Like the faint light
Of a cold star
My love has fallen asleep
As dried leaf settled
On icy marble
Like the cold breath
Of a winter night…

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