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Исполнитель: Pink
Название песни: Heads Up
Альбом: Birdman
Текст песни добавил: galvanosteg
1206 просмотров с 2009-05-04 19:33:33
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Pink - Heads Up текст песни, lyrics

You Took My Heads Up To Show Me How, You 
Promised Me To Be Around. Yes,Yes, That's 
Right. Heads Up Go To Somewhere Good. Yes, 
Yes, That's Right. If You Are Finally Here 
You Can Play With Me Instead You Play With 
Your Friends, I Know Good Plan's Because 
I Said Forever. And Never Heads Up...... 
Remember When We Play Sometimes And We Play Without Your FRIENDS. Oh-No No-No 
I Wish I Could Be Solin Now, I Wish I 
Could To Call You Good. I Give Up!! When 
Some Good Plan's Help. For There All Right. Get Something A Surprise For Me. 
We Were All Wrong. We Know Better Still 
You Play With Your Friends. And Never Heads Up. Yes,Yes, I Get You Locked In 
My Head, Yes,Yes, Until. Until We We Play 
Again. You Won't Forget Who's your best friend.................................. 
Who Is It? If You Are Finally Here You Can Play With Me Instead You Play With Your Friends, You Play With Someone Else, 
Because Your Best Friends Meeting Again. 
But I Play With My Best Friends Forever. 
I wish I could remember........... 
But I can Your memory.............. 
You're In my own sleep.............. 
My Darling 
Heads up 
My darling 
My darling 
Heads Up 
My Darling 
I'll miss you 
My darling 
Heads Up 
Heads Up

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