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Исполнитель: Barlow Girl
Название песни: 5 Minutes Of Fame
Текст песни добавил: alone
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Barlow Girl - 5 Minutes Of Fame текст песни, lyrics

It was a common story, yeah who cares that I changed?

Why are people freaking out?

Maybe I gave in more than I should, maybe I sold out

But the truth was I was really getting nowhere until I woke up and found

That morals can't take you up to the top your standards pull you down

Was it worth it what I gave away

For five minutes of fame

Minutes over no one knows my name

I always said the thing that meant the most to me was my very integrity

Who would have thought I'd ever trade it all for popularity

'Cause the truth is though I've made it to the top I'm anything but satisfied

I gave up the only thing that mattered for this empty life

This time I'm saying no

This world will know what I believe in

I've lost enough to know

That life's too short to waste it

Or my minute of fame

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