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Исполнитель: Plant Robert
Название песни: Burning Down One Side
Текст песни добавил: ZOLOTENOK
1206 просмотров с 2009-05-10 20:17:28
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Plant Robert - Burning Down One Side текст песни, lyrics

Slipped through the window by the back door
caught short in transit with my love
jumped up, fell back, cut off from romance,
How could I fall without a shove
Tip-toed like thunder on my feelings
you rock gently with your sighs
My knees are weak; my head is reeling
consumed by the fire in your eyes
Stepped in and shattered my defences,
just playing hookey with my heart
slipped through my window by the back door
and took the keys to my poor heart, yes my poor heart
try as I might, try as I may, yes I'll try anything to make you stay
cause I need your love, yes I need you love, yes I need your love
oh I need you love,
I'm looking high I'm looking low,
Can't find where did my baby, gotta find out why she ranaway
I don't know where did my baby stay,
try as I might try as I may,
yes I'll try anything to make you stay
Fire down the Boulevard d'Amour,
shot through the neon in the night
Hot foot through alleys check the door ways
try that old parking lot on Ninth
There's three course kissing in the same place,
but that don't help me out no more,
I've been away so long and dreaming,
little girl ain't I seen you before

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