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Исполнитель: G Love And Special Sauce
Название песни: Cold Beverage
Текст песни добавил: Darya
1098 просмотров с 2009-05-10 22:06:39
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G Love And Special Sauce - Cold Beverage текст песни, lyrics

Yo- could I get a cold beverage

I need some leverage

It's sunny outside

Some lemonade would be nice

Or a sprite through the drive through

At B.K. Yo I'll buy girl a drink

But girls got to pay

On the front porch I got

Some iced tea

If you like a taste of tea

Then come along with me

It's martini time

Yeah yeah feeling golden

Bring your own beverage

Just make sure it's cold

I like cold beverage

Give me a frosty mug

Filled with A&W

If you got ice cream

Make it a double scoop

Milkshade at the fountain

Really good sounding

Chocolate egg cream

Yo, I'm champ cherry pounding

Caught a chill vibe

Orange juice in my ride

Wawa's to the right

They got a beverage inside

Dig me a hot coffee

Fill it up with ice

Watermelons like drink

Please fix me a large slice

Summertime is cool the heat is getting old

Yeah I'll get a beverage

Just make sure it's cold cold

I like cold beverage

When I'm fishing

Let's keep one thing clear

The baits over there

The brews right here

Two six packs and a big bag of ice

Didn't even catch a bit

But the brew tasted nice

Back to the bar

Strawberry daiquiris and a colada

I need a whole lotta them

Fruit drinks to catch me a buz

I must tell you I'm the

Cool Aid kid

Before you serve my drink

Please stick it in the fridge

I like cold beverage

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