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Исполнитель: Naglfar
Название песни: Diabolical - The Devils Child
Текст песни добавил: ZOLOTENOK
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Naglfar - Diabolical - The Devils Child текст песни, lyrics

I stared into the broken mirrors of the universe

Dragged further unto the grasp of obscurity

Called by voices, called towards sin

As a black shape of death he sweeps across the land

Leading mankind into damnation

Mother earth screams out in vain... we desecrate her clean soil with evil

The mighty mountains tremble and fall

and light is no more

A shape of black ripps the sky

The spawn of infernal empire, on demonwings he rides

He masters the storm and the rains

Diabolo, the chosen, the tribes of earth shall praise Thy name

I have seen the earthly gardens of blood

seen the proof of his might

New-born children unaware of the dark eyes of the night

As a black shape of death he sweeps across the land

Mother earth is extinct, behold the prince of pain

See the dawn of Satan's rise

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