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Исполнитель: The Cat Empire
Название песни: Beanni
Альбом: The Cat Empire
Текст песни добавил: DrumBit
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The Cat Empire - Beanni текст песни, lyrics

His name was Beanni
say where you been Beanni
I saw you on your skateboard
but I never saw your face
just saw your beanie
- Beanni

Her name was Fly Girl
say where you been Fly Girl
I seen you shake your mmm-boobie
but I never saw your face
just saw your fly sunglasses
in the night
and in the day

One day that Beanni
was cruising down the street
on his skateboard
and his Beanni eyes did look and see
that fine freaky Fly Girl
and that Fly Girl who was dancing
like only Fly Girl could
did notice one cruisy Beanni
flying right to where she stood

And then that Fly Girl was
a’scream and laughing at the same time
and till that Beanni
did fly and fall and crash into her side
and both of them did fall
and roll around on their arses
but then his beanie fell off
and so did her round glasses
Beanni reached down
and picked up Fly Girl's glasses
from the ground
and Fly Girl did grab Beanni's
beanie that she found
and she gave him back his beanie
said 'I like you with your beanie on'
and he did say 'your big black glasses
look so sexy on'

They got together
forever and ever after that
and had some little Beanni Fly Girl
and Fly Girl Beanni boys
gave them glasses for their eyes
and Beanni beanies for their heads
and now the Beanni family's dancing
till the day they're dead

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