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Исполнитель: The Cat Empire
Название песни: East
Альбом: Hello [Single]
Текст песни добавил: DrumBit
968 просмотров с 2009-05-12 12:44:55
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The Cat Empire - East текст песни, lyrics

I see the summer in a little green leaf now
One million trees now their swords unsheathed now
Little children been inside for weeks now
Running out water fighting in the streets now
I always lived for that summertime day
How to be sure good weather coming your way
How to be sure you leave behind clouds of grey
We head east, up to Byron Bay

Up to Byron Bay....

Take a bus if you must or just drive you'll
Head straight in to the sea on arrival
Deserted beaches for me soul survival
In the East I find me gods much greater than the bible
And now I sit by this creek while I rest
I think lucky me because this East is still the West
I got food
I got water
I got peace
I am blessed
I got no bombs fallin on me chest
Fallin on me chest

I'm reminded as I sit by this creek now
Camel in the desert bone dry for a week now
The scene of learning on Earth this ancient land now
Ancient libraries buried in the sand now

Now everybody jump up, jump up and down now
The leaders of this country they are wearing the crowns
Represent the people of the country and the towns
So people shout out for compassion or this ship is going down

And in the East I see fun I see sun
But in another East I hear bombs I hear guns
Some good people they run run run
And we put them in a cage, let them burn in the sun
We just let them burn in the sun
What's to be done?
We just let them burn in the sun

We so lucky why not share it around now?
We so lucky why not share it around now?
We so lucky why not share it around now?
We so lucky why not share it around now?

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