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Исполнитель: The Cat Empire
Название песни: Rhyme And Reason
Альбом: Two Shoes [Single]
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The Cat Empire - Rhyme And Reason текст песни, lyrics

Rhyme and reason
Reason and rhyme
We asked the old man
“What is the time?”
The time he said
“I do not know.
The clock stopped working some time ago”
“What a disaster” was our reply
“We don’t know if it’s 1 o’clock or half past 5”
The man kept talking things were fine
Looking at the sun he said
The time was for reason and rhyming

Reason and rhyme
Rhyme and reason
We asked the old lady “What is this season?”
The season she said
“You can’t be sure.
The weathers changed, can’t tell you any more”
“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god what a thing!
We don’t know if it’s summer, autumn, winter or spring”
“But wait,” she said
“This might be pleasing.
The time has come for rhyming and rhyming and reason”

Rhyme and reason and destination
We ask ourselves, what is this nation?
This place they say is no mans land
And terra nullius is written in the sand
So what
With all these spaces
Can’t we be independent and combine the races
Well we will see what we can do
Like time and season
We’ll rhyme and then we’ll reason along

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