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Исполнитель: Taproot
Название песни: Lowlife
Альбом: ... Something More Than Nothing (1998)
Текст песни добавил: Supernova
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Taproot - Lowlife текст песни, lyrics

In company respect's shown mutual into it's own, indifference although when I'm left alone and true feeling's begin to show, honesty overflows in my mind when I try not to cry 'cause I'm blind a
Ive, and esteem has no gleam and it can't be seen, I'm so alone, I still can't understand these feeling's that I'm feelin, you're pullin' me back and forth all that you're doin' is confusin' me,
This emotional strain, it's drivin' me to the edge of insanity, you can't blame me for your pain and sufferin'...not keepin on no downlow, I'm screamin the flow in your face, just like mace in
Eyes, like feelin' my bass in your thighs, it's time to recognize and realize that your ways are not the only ways to lead your life...low, concerned about what others think right, cause your eg
Akin' your core so weak tunnel vision, you move from .a to .b to .c, that's not the point see, you lived your life around me....I'm crushed inside, each day I get by, w/ the gleam in my eyes...i
Want me then just try to fin
D me, if you ever need to suck me dry, when you need me you won't ever see me I've lost respect now watch you cry, touched on me so shortly then just left me 2 you watched me bleed now you smile
Walked through me while you crushed that gleam I had inside my eyes.

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