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Исполнитель: Puddle of Mudd
Название песни: Bring me Down
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Puddle of Mudd - Bring me Down текст песни, lyrics

Bring me down
Make no promises to me
You slowly melting
Wake up then fall back asleep
Your quickly fading
Hey man you’ll have to wait your turn
I can see that you jonesin
Taste no flavors on my tongue
They’ve evaporated, you’ve disintegrated

Why you gotta bring me down
Why you gotta bring me
Bring me down

Karma comes around two times
So you better be good
Watch out for all familiar signs
When your going the wrong way
Look backs in to those devious minds
They keep pushing and pulling
Baby Jesus never sleeps
When your being a sinner
Yeah he’ll eat you for dinner

Why you gotta bring me down

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