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Исполнитель: Cold
Название песни: Everyone Dies
Альбом: Cold (1998)
Текст песни добавил: Supernova
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Cold - Everyone Dies текст песни, lyrics

Take me back from god, well I can't sleep, no one can hear the sound of your heartbreak
Every little thing was on the floor, everyone was so in love with you
Everyone dies my friend
They come down from outer space, to blow up all the human race
Everyone dies my friend
To take em back away from God is all they ever wanted
I can taste the pain you're shovelling, every word you said, and every little monster
Moons over stardust made me sick, every word you said, it's all you ever want to give
I can't understand why you can't believe that they're not there
I can taste the pain you shovel in, pain comes down here
Everyone around you suffocates, I can't see god
Everybody told you not to fall, my hands were tied
Everybody told you not to wait, my brain was fried
I can feel god

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