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Исполнитель: Stratovarius
Название песни: Anthem of the World
Текст песни добавил: DrumBit
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Stratovarius - Anthem of the World текст песни, lyrics

The setting sun creates another world.
The shadows fall another day is in the end.
The paradise is sleeping peacefully.
and one more day is again history.

Tell me can we go on like this?
Everybody is living in a bliss.
Are these the last times of our Mother Earth?
Or is it just beginning of new Birth?

Don't be afraid we must wise, patient and peaceful and strong.
Maybe it's like you would throw the dice then hope that nothing goes wrong.
Remember that you have the right to say all things that you feel inside.
Open your mind and you openyour eyes together now is the time.

Sing the Anthem of the World but will we ever learn.
To control our hate and to forgive.
We must learn to find the way to just live another day.
And be free like an Eagle in the sky.

How about if God just let us down?
If he just is polishing his crown?
What's the key to the Universe?
Is life down here just one big endless curse?

Don't be afraid...

Sing the Anthem of the World...

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