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Исполнитель: Blink 182
Название песни: My Pet Sally
Альбом: Buddha (1994)
Текст песни добавил: kvass
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Blink 182 - My Pet Sally текст песни, lyrics

I'm gonna wanna see myself with someone too 
Friends I don't pay are friends i never knew 
So I took the chance and got some help from a few 
And got a long and skinny friend to talk to 

Cause I have the time and the liberty 
To play with my pet sally 
Please don't go away, sally please 

No more lonely showers and uneaten foods 
My salamander has hygiene too 
And he thinks of me the way I think of you 
The only next step is for him to say I do 

Sally please don't go away 
I won't be living in yesterday 
The lonely nights 
Getting beat up by gays in bar fights

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