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Исполнитель: Eve
Название песни: Set it on fire
OST к фильму: Transporter 3 - Перевозчик 3
Текст песни добавил: Dima
4295 просмотров с 2009-05-28 12:35:59
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Eve - Set it on fire текст песни, lyrics

Set it on fire fire...
Fire fire

Uh yo
Hey if you see me
This is the world I came
Making me say a lot of things I'll never face
Steal trying to catch up
Chasing me for days
I'll be in the fast line
You'll be up away
What we do see each other no play
Still got the mask with jaws
But no face
Brand new, think breaking laws it's okay
Talking shit we only gonna make you blown away
Take my advice stay away
This fame you never want that
In and out no traces like that
You know you'll feel the heat your on back
Come on

Listen it's get time
And the clock is set next
To moving lights
Drowning at the sound of the crowd
But they playing in sight
Stepping on the fire...
Till it explode

Set it on fire fire fire
Let it burn fire fire fire [x2]
Till it explode
Yeah come on
Yeah yeah

Hey to hip hop elite I'm revelation
Contagious flow
Call poison ivy
Everybody doing it jersey
Except me following in the same
Never excited me
Always a leader
And the rest to follow
Short bizar parses
Doing as well as the bible
Maybe we are small
But few are chosen
You know it's will when
Eve is spoken

You know it's get crazy
When the lights go out
You better be prepared
For different drop
The heat coming
You better start running
The way that they aiming
That thing you can't stop them [x2]

[Bridge x2]


Listen it's get time
(fire fire)
And the clock is set next
(fire fire)
To moving lights
(fire fire)
Drowning out the sound of the crowd
(fire fire)
But they playing in sight
(fire fire)
Stepping on the fire...
(fire fire)
Till it explode

Set it on fire fire fire
Set it on fire fire fire

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