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Исполнитель: Ice Cube
Название песни: Now I Gotta WetCha
Текст песни добавил: Dima
1145 просмотров с 2009-05-28 21:05:59
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Ice Cube - Now I Gotta WetCha текст песни, lyrics

It's on like Donkey Kong 
You wanted that fast buck 
now I gotta light that ass up 
The nigga with the big fat trigger 
Don't test me, gravedigger had the swig 
of the ST, remember the time we first met her 
You threw your set up now you gotta get wetter 
Now who's that nigga with the diff'rent style? 
Uhh, ya wanted ta trick 
It's all about the pud and who can empty it 
First mate, they made day AK 
and I'll Kurtis Blow ya ass away like AJ 
I'm almost certain I'm put on the hurtin 
Bitch, it's curtains! 
Locced in my motherfuckin head 
Gotta play connect-the-dots with my infrared 
You in danger, Mr Gangbanger 
It ain't cool to take nappy from a stranger 
Wit'cha drive-by's it took time to catch ya 
but now I gotta wet'cha 


Now I gotta wet'cha (wet'cha) 
Now I gotta wet'cha (wet'cha) 
I'm comin ta get'cha (get'cha) 
You better hope I don't catch ya (catch ya) 
(You're all wet) The nigga with the big fat trigger 
(You're all wet) The nigga with the big fat trigger 

Valley for the KKK, Rodney! 
A place on the map where the order is 
though devils can't leap up a motorist 
and get nothin but a slap on the wrist 
Gorillas, gorillas report

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