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Исполнитель: Five
Название песни: How Do Ya Feel?
Альбом: Invincible
Текст песни добавил: BloodRayne
1255 просмотров с 2009-05-29 22:37:23
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Five - How Do Ya Feel? текст песни, lyrics

We won't stop

You see with positive minds
we create positive vibes
and with these positive vibes
we create positive lives

So if there's something that ya want
you know you gotta get it
don't ever forget it
coz some day you will regret it

So keep on pushin' for em
coz your dreams are your dreams
and no matter how it seems
there will always be a means
to get what you want
yo and where you're going to
now whatya gonna do I will leave that
up to you

We're gonna keep it goin' on now
take it to the top now
never gonna stop
even if we start to drop now
here we go again ya'll
can you with flow
never wanna go slow so

How d'ya feel
you wanna feel alright
here's the deal
we got pure delight
alright, it's alright

wake you up until the mornin' light
shake yo up before you sleep at night
you wanna feel alright
you got pure delight

They say I'm greedy but I still want more
what you don't need to know
I keep behind closed doors
cos everything I buy can't be sold
and everything I touch turns to gold

You see because I'm better than the
next man
I shine above all those who try to put
me down
and pass it to the next man
who's the best man for keepin' it tight
next time it comes around
make sure you do it right



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