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Исполнитель: Five
Название песни: Mr Z
Альбом: Invincible
Текст песни добавил: BloodRayne
1309 просмотров с 2009-05-29 22:44:07
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Five - Mr Z текст песни, lyrics

Excuse me, can you help me, straighten out my head
I got a new friend by the name of Mr. Z
Well what's wrong with that, don't you like what you see?
Hmm... If I had a choice yo I'd rather be me
You see he's kinda not like that kinda average kinda guy
Kinda say what, make you kinda say why
Did you see that? what he did to his cat?
It's all big and fat,a nd now it wears caps
Here we go again

Mr Zuvaloppa got a crazy life
With a house on the corner for his kids and wife
Works all day trying to make ends meet
just the same as everybody does down his street
Mr Zuvaloppa got a brand new car
But he likes a little drink so he can't drive far
he used to have a mini but he's six foot four
Mr Zuvaloppa don't want it anymore

Yo you gotta sit back, relax
While I hit you with a tale of a guy
Who would try, but he's always gonna fail
M-I-S-T-E-R Z he doesn't realize that it wasn't really meant to be
Him up at the top, he never wanna stop
The fool up in the pool doin' a big belly flot
Now ever sunbathing he could never get it right
Cuz he even tried to do it in the middle of the night
Here we go again


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