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Исполнитель: Reel Big Fish
Название песни: It's Not Easy
Альбом: Duet All Night Long (Reel Big Fish/Zolof The Rock And Roll Destroyer) Split
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Reel Big Fish - It's Not Easy текст песни, lyrics

He has the head of a camel,
the neck of a crocodile
It sounds kind of strange
He's both a fish and a mammal
And I hope he'll never change

'Cause it's not easy
To find someone who cares
It's not easy to find magic in pairs
I'm glad I found him
I love him, I won't let him get away
'Cause it's not easy.

You say the head of a camel
The neck of a crocodile
And the ears of a cow!
It's clear that friends can be different
Yes, I understand you now

'Cause it's not easy
To find someone who cares
It's not easy to find magic in pairs
Now that you found him, hold him
Treasure him from day to day.
'Cause It's so easy.

Life is lollipops and rainbows
with the one you love
Someone you can always be with
Argue and agree with...
Climb the highest tree with (tree with)

It's not easy to share somebody's dream
It gets easy
When you work as a team
You've got to tend it, and fan it
That's what I plan to do.

I had one friend by my side....
Now I have two...
Him and you...
Him and me...

And it's so easy.

That's how the dragon talks...
in the movie, like that...

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