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Исполнитель: Reel Big Fish
Название песни: Hate You
Альбом: Monkeys For Nothin' And The Chimps For Free
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Reel Big Fish - Hate You текст песни, lyrics

Oh shit fuck!

Hey, hey everybody!
Look who's on TV,
Look who just got famous don't you know it should have been me...

I'm not really bitter,
I'm not really mad,
I love to see other people get everything I ever wanted to have,

I don't really care, how big they get...
I hate you, fuck you leave me alone! [4x]
Why cant I be cool like them?

I used to have a girlfriend,
I treated her so bad,
She went out and found another lead singer,
Maybe she just likes guys in bands.

I give up on everything,
All my dreams are dead,
Maybe I'll get a shotgun, and try to blow her right out of my head...

Everybody says, "How come you ain't made it yet?"
I hate you, fuck you, leave me alone! [4x]
Why can't I get my girl back?

I knew you wouldn't understand,
Just what I'm tryin' to do,
Cause you're not fucking me,
And I'm so glad that I'm not fucking you...

I know it's my problem,
There's nothing I can do,
Well if they're gonna go and do it to me
Well I guess I'm gonna have to go and do it to you...

I don't really care, how much you cry...
I hate you fuck you leave me alone [8x]
Why can't anything go my way?

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