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Исполнитель: Ice Cube
Название песни: Penitentiary
Текст песни добавил: Dima
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Ice Cube - Penitentiary текст песни, lyrics

"Attention all nigga rows and nigga hoes 
We've decided to rob this motherfucker the legal way 
Nobs injecting ourselves to become property on the stock 
In the penal system. In the justice system" 

Penitentiary, I hear you calling me (x4) 

[Verse 1] 
As the world turns, it burns while it's spinning 
Coming to a fucked-up ending 
I can't wait till the day everything in the hood is straight 
And I can hit the purty gates 
Until then, the pen is unfair 
Slave ships in the middle of nowhere (ma) 
I lets my goddamn hair grow (ma) 
Bellin' in court, lookin' like a scarecrow 
On Capital Hill, they them passed a bill 
Coming at me with a fucked-up deal (nah) 
The judge gave me a 'L' 
But y'all can't tell 
I wait and cry in my cell 
Convicted negro, superhero 
Speaker at our house 
Takin' lyrics in my mouth 
Bitches in the south showin' ass (mm) 
Mix a lot, got hoes puttin titties on the glass 
We blast in the west for example 
And rap about this shit over funkadelic samples 
Yo' babies see me kill a fool on TV (Wilson!) 
And straight call me a G 

Penitentiary, I hear you calling me 
Penitentiary, I hear you calling me 
Thinkin' of illegal ways to get paid 
But it ain't shit, got to be legit 

South-central L.A. 
You can buy your game from the C.I.A., hey-hey 
And South-central L.A. 
You can buy your game from the C.I.A. baby 

[Verse 2] 
When the evil outweighs the good 
And you only give a fuck about rucks 
The Earth will self-destruct (Bitch) 
Fuck the ozone layer, bitch I'm a playa (Bitch) 
Plus we got a black mayor 
I get sex when I shows flex (Booom!) 
Porbey Rolex (Booom!) 
Which hoe is next? (Booom!) 
Would you like a piece of me? Not a mate 
Calling you a hoe 'cos I'm fucking on the first day (uh) 
My world is a one-mile radius 
I swear every other hood is the shadiest (uh) 
Could the crips and bloods be all rotten 
When the trilateral commission is plottin'? 
What you gonna do when the Earth erupts? 
Some niggaz gettin' nuts outa carafel cups (punk) 
Fool you on master's woe 
But won't even think about, sucking Bob Doe (punk) 
Asshole from the Senate 
How can you relate to a project tennant? 
Motherfuck you and not the courtman, no corrections 
Tryina' get a section of this west-side connection 

(Chorus) (x2) 

Just because you gotta stay 
You ain't gotta rot away 
We gon' come and get you one day 
(repeat until fade)

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