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Исполнитель: Ice Cube
Название песни: Record Company Pimpin'
Текст песни добавил: Dima
1170 просмотров с 2009-05-30 18:16:15
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Ice Cube - Record Company Pimpin' текст песни, lyrics

[Ice Cube] 
Please listen to my demo {x8} 

A nigga told me, the record company's the pimp 
The artist is the hoe, The stage is the corner 
And the audience is the trip, god damn 

(verse one) {:21} 
Incredible young nigga, you can't belive i'm just one nigga 
God damn i've gotten bigger 
Intellect superior, 
Walk in a room and make the whole interior, inferior 
If you look me in my eyes 
You might fuck around and loose control of your mind body and your soul 
Grab ahold 
Undisputed on the microphone, what choo think 
If you wink, i'll make you ich think 
Did you blink, did you ever drink your own brain matter 
Shotgun enima, this ain't no cinema 
All praises due to the creator 
--for this man here, that can't no nigga stand near-- 
True, inventor of the double-you 
What choo wanna do, i got the red and the blue 
Show me one nigga dedicated to raps 
I'll show you ten niggas dedicated to snaps 
Record company death traps settin' decoys 
Just to pimp young b-boys 
With a cup full of yak, studio contact 
Maniac with a contract 
Well turn up the bass and the motherfuckin' treble 
About to do a deal with the devil for my vocal level 
Bullshit points, plus he want to rub it in 
And take all my publishin', god damn 
Do i take it up the rectum 
Just to rock the spectrum 
Give up a right arm, just to do a form 
Hell no, all you motherfukers goan leave this bitch limpin' 
No more, record company pimpin' 

No more (No more), record company pimpin' 
No more (No more), record company pimpin' 
No more (No more), record company pimpin' 
No more No more No more No more 

You ain't pimpin' me (uhn uhh, uhn uhh)

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