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Исполнитель: Ice Cube
Название песни: The Peckin' Order
Текст песни добавил: Dima
1112 просмотров с 2009-05-30 18:21:40
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Ice Cube - The Peckin' Order текст песни, lyrics

";In The Deep Dark Bowls of the
underworld order must be maintained.
Without a strict and unforgiving 
chain of command, chaos is inevedeble";

[Ice Cube]
Wazup youngsta, sience your tha new booty
and dont know nuttin i gotta show ya bout
the peckin' order. Its the order in how we do
things and move things. See somebody gonna
tell you what to do, after i tell that 
muthafucka what to do.

It's tha peckin' order (echo)
It's tha peckin' order (echo)

We got tha power to make you niggaz sour
big fish, whale like itchy cower
stepin out the shower it's the peckin' order
ax ya daugther how we peck, inspect
high class ass the projects
push my lex to the california range
souther lane
infamous skeems is on the brain for my connect game
put a strain on every leak and i chain (thats right)
we all get (?)
take a svornnotes to make a c notes
doin all tha howdy bullshit floats and niggaz dont
some niggaz dont gangsta paradise say nuttin nice
yeah we livin so tight we need jesus in our lives


[Ice Cube]
It's the peckin' order 
[mack 10]
It's the order how we do things and move things
only fuck wit the true things

[Ice Cube]
Havin heavy in the course whit the world of depresion
messin wit the wrong bitches never learn our lesson
stressin, no guessin, never question even when we playin
we testin, confession
do you still wanna meet wit the killas (?)
hold accountable for anythang you repeat
it's the peckin' order, ask your daughter how we peck
when we smoke you it's your best friend we suspect

[Ice Cube]
It's the peckin' order 
[mack 10]

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