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Исполнитель: Ice Cube
Название песни: The Predator
Текст песни добавил: Dima
1328 просмотров с 2009-05-30 18:22:16
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Ice Cube - The Predator текст песни, lyrics

You can run but you can't hide from the westside 
night stalker, shit talker, run and tell them Mr L.M. 
nigga with the gat and i'm back 
off the everyday prey that I slay 
rolling with the fo' chase ya through South-Central 
monkey-wrench ho's should know that, she'll get the balzac 
cause i'm not staving, but fuck that 
Johnny Carson ho' never had me on the Late Night Show 
coming with the shit that'll hitch 
steady mobbing cause the flavours good 
there goes the neighbourhood nigga with the third album 
how come he don't fall off? 
rolling with the sawed-off gauge 
turn the page of the chapter, caught up in the rapture 
but you know Anita, she can get the Pita 
eat 'em up yum, and your flawed 
mutha-fuck Billboard and the editor 
here comes the Predator. 

Check your head for the new style 
fuck Lawerence Powell and Presino, Wynd and Koon 
pretty soon we'll fuck them like they fucked us and won't kiss 'em 
riots ain't nothing but dodge for the system 
fighting with the beast, no justice, no peace 
if any, even if we fuck up Denny 
niggaz are sick of your white mans tricks with no treat 
thats right, now it's on, on sight 
you call me a Muslim, no i'm not a resident, still got my vote in 
Farrakhan for president, a white America, i'm tearing ya 
a new ass ho', who's the nigga with the new black 
strolling to your suburb house and I douse with gas 
now who's cleaning up trash? 
eat 'em up yum, and your flawed 
mutha-fuck Billboard and the editor 
here comes the Predator. 

get my black rag showing and i'm ????? 
kiss my grips like ??? or Mel's Diner 
i'm meaner than a mutha-fucking Hyena, chasing Antelope 
put a chrome to your dome, watch it bust like a Cantelope 
I can't stand a rope, so don't try to hang 'em 
talk about dog's, boy I can sling 'em 
ratta-tat-tat on your noggin 
cause Ice will cream your ass like ???? chocolate 
I get crazy when I catch a rap 
even be flipping the toungue like ???? Das-Efx 
so who is Ice Cube? 
i'm a rapper, actor, macker 
got a little problem with the redneck cracka 
get the polly, whack her, ???? is a devil shit-packer 
coming with a crazy pitch 
and the statue of Liberty ain't nothing but a lazy bitch 
don't wanna give up the crack to the black 
but you call it racial, if we go and break the ho' 
but eat 'em up yum and your flawed 
mutha-fuck Billboard and the editor 
here comes the Predator

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