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Исполнитель: Ice Cube
Название песни: What Can I Do
Текст песни добавил: Dima
1345 просмотров с 2009-05-30 18:30:09
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Ice Cube - What Can I Do текст песни, lyrics

Intro: [sampled announcer] 

In any country prison is where society sends it's failures 
But in this country society itself is failing. 

Verse One: 

Today how you like me now I'm in the mix? 
It's 1986 and I got the fix with the chicken and a quota 
Got the baking soda let the water boil workers all loyal 
Dropped out the twelveth 
Cuz my wealth is shorter than a midget on his knees 
Now I slang keys 
Infest my hood with crack, cuz I'm the mack 
Take a nation of millions to hold me back 
Too big for my britches, and I got bitches 
Now I'm hittin' switches, niggas want my riches 
Used to get 18 when my G was alive, now a key is 13-5 
'89s the number, another summer 
Police ain't get no dumber 
Streets dried up, used to think it would last 
But being a king-pin is a thing of the past 
They tried to blast me for selling a boulder 
Now I got my ass in Minnesota 
Got my own crew, it's on brand new 

Damn, what can I do? 


Verse Two: 

Already done stack me half a mill ticket 
Bought a house next to Prince, so now I can kick it 
Now I got ends, wavin' to my friends, rollin' in my Benz 
Goin' to see the Twins, play at the dome 
Police are tappin' my mobile phone 
I'm almost home 
Gettin' excited, indited, spent a grip and a year tryin' to fight it 
Lawyer got paid, plea, no contest 
And everything I own got repossessed 
Now take a look at the dust 
And I'm happy cuz I only got 36 months 
Never picked up a book 
But my arms are 16 inches, niggas look 
Can't wait for '92 so I can get with my crew 
And see, what can I do? 


Verse Three: 

Phucked up in the pen, now it's ninety-fo 
Back in LA, and I'm bailin' in the dough 
Everybody, now I gotta start from scratch 
So where to work at, and niggas smirk at 
Me say ain't nuttin' poppin from here to the LB 
What you tell me? 
No it ain't crack, and everybody's jackin' for a coupe 
Cuz, they sent in the troops 
Even tho I got muscle, that ain't my hustle 
Takin' niggas sh*t in a tussle 
No skills to pay the bills 
Takin' 'bout education to battle inflashion 
No college degree, just a dumb ass G 
(Yeah you Nigga, who me?) 
I got a baby on the way, damn it's a mess 
Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Yes 
Took some advice from my Uncle Fester 
All dressed up in polyester 
Welcome to McDonalds may I please help you? 
sh*t, what can I do? 



The white man has broke every law known to man to establish AmeriKKKa. 
But he'll put you in the state penitentary, he'll put you in the federal 
penitentary for breaking these same laws. Now we gonna look and see if 
this muthaphucker is guilty for the laws he'll put you in jail for : 

Drug using, drug selling, armed robbery, strong armed robbery, grand 
larceny, rape, racketering, conspiracy to commit murder, extortion, 
aggravated assault, mayhem, sodomy of the black man, trespassing, 
embezzelment, purgery, kidnapping, smuggling, grand theft, brandishing 
a firearm, carrying a conceled weapon, breaking and entering, and 
premeditated cold-blooded murder. 

Guilty on every charge

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