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Исполнитель: Ice Cube
Название песни: When I Get To Heaven
Текст песни добавил: Dima
1197 просмотров с 2009-05-30 18:30:33
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Ice Cube - When I Get To Heaven текст песни, lyrics

Verse One: 

Listen to the preacherman 
But are you talkin' to me 
I can't hear you with a mouth full of pig's feet 
If I should need the swine flesh 
Your body is a mess, but you're blessed 
With a father, son, spirit and the holy ghost 
But my whole neigborhood is comatose 
Lookin' for survival 
The devil made you a slave and he gave you a bible 
400 years gettin' our ass kicked 
By so-called christians and catholics 
But I watch 'em burn in a fire 
See I'm a g, that's why I ain't in your choir 
Cause I see, cause I know 
The church ain't nothin' but a fashion show 
Get the devil to a 187 
And they won't call me a nigga when I get to heaven 

Verse Two: 

You're waitin' for the devil to come from the ground 
Clown, take a look around 
Just look at the cross that the priest is holdin' 
A beast in sheep's clothing 
But I'm rollin' with that knowledge of self 
Cause heaven ain't just wealth 
So mister preacher, if I couldn't pay my tithe 
Do I have to wait outside? 
White man, please take another look 
Cause we couldn't be readin' out of the same book 
Cause youse a crook and I'm a brother 
King James had sex with his mother 
Is that your edition? Is that your religion? 
Black man, you gotta make a desicion 
Cause God is comin' on day number seven 
And he won't call me a nigga when I get to heaven 

Verse Three: 

The same white man that threw me in the slammer 
He bombed the church in Alabama 
So if I cock the hammer, God won't mind 
If I have to kill the human swine 
Cause God is a killer from the start 
Why you think Noah had to build his ark 
And God is a man from his feet to his hair 
That's why you say 'amen' after each and every prayer 
I just stare at the church man 
Spendin' more money on the church band 
But Elijah's got a plan 
Got the white man screamin': 'Damn that Farrakhan!' 
Cause one day these babies are uprise 
Much more than bowties and bean pies 
Kickin' knowledge at 7-11 
And they won't call me a nigga when I get to heaven

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