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Исполнитель: Queen Latifah
Название песни: Bananas
Текст песни добавил: Dima
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Queen Latifah - Bananas текст песни, lyrics

Chorus x2: 
Who you gonna call when it's time to brawl 
standin' 'round waitin' for my queendom to fall 
Well I think not styles are pipin' hot 
Blazin' amazin' I give it all I got 

I'm tellin' you straight up all sleepin' beauties better wake up 
I'll tear your state up so set the date up 
And I'm a rip it what if it what was it 
Who did it who does it 
From private to public 
Anywhere I'm in there and been there 
So recognize this, who the nicest 
Sit down and settle for your constellation prizes 
Whatever you want I got 
Whether you ready or not 
It's about to get hot when I drop 
So notes, pause another spot 
To do you, don't get me in a corner make me do you 
Don't try to be me, do you 
Be coo' to you and do you 
I'm on a higher level with different class, another plane 
I am the Queen, that's my name, time to explain 
that I spit game with dames 
Leave 'em all with shit stains 
Split frames, hopin' you hopin' that I'm jokin' 
Don't know but still blink off like fo'-fo's 
but so-so, slow mo's comin' in like the po-po's 
Don't want rocks comin' at me the wrong way 
Packin' much rocks, it's gonna be a long day 
And for real, spittin' on imbessiles and spinnin' wheels 
on my 600 you want it, you must be blunted 
I'll take it to your stomach, run it, give me all 
mic for mic, steppin' to me you gonna fall, we brawl 
Throwin' a two-piece so loose leafs 
It's the Q-U-double-E-N 
You know how I'm MCin' 

Chorus x2 

See physically you not ready 
Lyrically you not ready 
Mentally maybe 
Who talks tough, time to get the baby 
No threats or small bets on my bond we can get it on 
From dusk 'til dawn from night 'til mourn 
Some bubble hard squads are gone, no gimmicks, no tricks 
'til one of us admits it's a battle a whisk 
So look I'm off the hook, while you off the rocker 
Thinkin' I'm shook, get the phone book, call the doctor 
Are you out of your mind, doubtin' mines, out of line 
Talkin' out your behind, shoutin' rhymes out of time 
It's all over, what's up, yeah, what, what now, you tough now 
Now you hush, hush now, ain't sayin' too much now 
Thought so, haunt yo' sleepin' ass, creepin' fast 
like you was doin' somethin', now I gotta ruin somethin' 
You image, your career, lookie here you whole life is hangin' in the air 
like a chandilier, poppin' off like a can of beer, understand is it clear 
If not let me put it in your ear that I'm royalty 
Even though I'm low-key, you know me 
You be singin' over my tracks like it's kareoke 
If you don't know the half you gon' feel the wrath 
Represent the rugged path, the Flavor Unit staff 
Droppin' math'matics, layin' you out like craftmatic 
I'll let you have it, so you don't want the static 

Chorus x2

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