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Исполнитель: Queen Latifah
Название песни: Come Into My House
Текст песни добавил: Dima
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Queen Latifah - Come Into My House текст песни, lyrics

Welcome into my Queendom (My Queendom) come one come all 
When it comes to lyrics I bring them (I bring them) 
In spring I sing in fall I call out to 
All the ones who had a hard day 
I prepared a place on my dance floor 
The time is now for you to par tay 
I thought it would be a good chance for you to move 
(One nation under a groove) House music always soothes 
So get with the flow let's go yo 
Can you rock to a house groove tempo? 
If so, then shall we let the games begin? 
What better off position can you be in? 
I'm on fire, the flame's too hot to douse 
The pool is over, come into my house 

"Don't make me wait, come into my house" 
"Give me body" (Repeat 2x) 

Here's a dance step, from now I'll kick a 
Bass and treble flow through the speakers 
Ride the rhythm, I know it's gonna reach ya 
I'm the Queen, Latifah 
Now it's time to run through it 
45 King? (Yeah, baby?) Cue it 
Yeah, there you go, I told you you could do it 
Now did you enjoy it? (That was cool) I knew it 
Dance to the beat of the drum, give me some 
With the Flavor Unit I've come to say "Ride the grooveline" 
Don't swing the pipeline, listen to the smooth line 
Throw away the white line 
It's a house party I'm hosting (What?) 
Come and rock with the one that's chosen 
It can't turn me inside out (Uh uh) 
For those that dare, come into my house 

"Don't make me wait, come into my house" 
"Give me body" (Repeat 2x) 

It's a new fusion I'm using 
You ask what is it I'm doing? 
Hip-hop house, hip-hop jazz, with a little pizzazz 
>From the Queen, the Queen of Royal Badness 
Remember me from "Wrath of My Madness?" 
It's my rap that rocks this party 
I'm a hijack and jack your body 
This is not an erotic interlude 
Keep in mind I move multitudes 
The asiatic black woman, hardcore beat drumming 
It's hard to keep a good woman down, so I keep coming 
Blow for blow, I take and I get some 
Still I rise in a civilized wisdom 
I hope the lyrical display has you around 
It's an open invitation, come into my house 

"Don't make me wait, come into my house" 
"Give me body" (Repeat 4x)

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