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Исполнитель: Queen Latifah
Название песни: Dance for Me
Текст песни добавил: Dima
1212 просмотров с 2009-06-04 19:38:32
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Queen Latifah - Dance for Me текст песни, lyrics

It's a fact I'll attest to mess around and I'll arrest you 
I ain't playing you know what I'm saying? 
This ain't the best you've ever hear coming from a female MC 
But you know what I mean? (Hail to the Queen!) 
This MC stands for "Microphone Commando" 
When I command that you take a hand 
And throw it up in the air yeah just like that now 
Chill and watch me rap cause I'm flowing (Flowing) 
Just like water I slaughter (Slaughter) 
A battle, put me in it, I win it 
The mission is music and rhythm 
Rhythm backed by words, all in my system 
System by techniques, techniques I got my heart in 
Heart into the music, music I take part in 
One try, one God, and one destiny 
Just dance for me 

"Dance to the music" (Repeat 2x) 

Now understand that you must (dance) because this is a beat to clap to 
My brother Lance said "Latifah you got to make them get up off their feet" 
So I put my rhyme to a DJ Mark beat 
Ample samples, this for example 
Are made by the 45 King, so cancel 
Your plans of moving to the front lines 
He's a DJ, producer, and mind you a friend of mine 
I hop, dip, and spend with the children 
So get down with the sound and you will lend 
To let me bring while I bring 
Queen Latifah to the 45 King, creating 
A new style in the name of the Flavor Unit 
That's the way we like it, so I'm doing it 
So if you want to know what the plan is to be 
I order you to dance for me 

"Dance to the music" (Repeat 2x) 

My voice is your choice at a stage show 
I do it for the Flavor Unit to make you say "ho" 
With powerful lyrics I'm armed 
To let a sucker step up and get bombed 
By a beat created by my producer 
To break you out of the stuff that you're used to 
This here is a moment of truth 
So take the record to the DJ booth 
And let's start this, let the beat get dumb 
Cause I'm a shake it all night and then some 
People dancing, I can spot 'em 
When I take control, you know I got 'em 
Stop the music? That's not a question 
The Flavor Unit takes no suggestions 
If you're not on the dance tip, here's your chance to be 
I order you to dance for me 

"Dance to the music" (Repeat 6x)

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