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Исполнитель: Queen Latifah
Название песни: Evil, That Men Do
Текст песни добавил: Dima
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Queen Latifah - Evil, That Men Do текст песни, lyrics

[Queen Latifah] 
You asked I came so behold the Queen 
Let's add a little sense to the scene 
I'm living positive not out here knocked up 
But the lines are so dangerous I ought to be locked up 
This rhyme doesn't require prime time 
I'm just sharing thoughts of mine 
Back again cause I knew you wanted it 
>From the Latifah with the Queen in front of it 
Dropping bombs you're up in arms, you're puzzled 
The lines will flow like fluid while you're guzzling 
The sip I drop you on a BDP-produced track 
>From KRS to be exact 
It's a Flavor Unit quest that today has me speaking 
Cause it's knowledge I'm seeking 
Enough about myself, I think it's time that I tell you 
About the evil that men do 

Situations, reality, what a concept! 
Nothing ever seems to stay in step 
So today, here is a message to my sisters and brothers 
Here are some things I want to cover 
A woman strives for a better life, but who the hell cares? 
Because she's living on welfare 
I government can't come up with a decent housing plan 
So she's in no man's land 
It's a sucker who tells you you're equal 

You don't need him, Johannasburg's crying for freedom! 

[Queen Latifah] 
We the people hold these truths to be self-evident 

But there's no response from the president 

[Queen Latifah] 
Someone's living the good life, tax-free 
Except for a girl, can't find a way to be crack free 
And that's just part of the message 
I thought I had to send you about the evil that men do 

Tell me, don't you think it's a shame? 
When someone can put a quarter in a video game 
But when a homeless person approaches you on the street 
You can't treat him the same 
It's time to teach the def, the dumb, the blind 
That black-on-black crime only shackles and binds 
You to a doom, a fate worse than death 
But there's still time left 
Stop putting your conscience on cease 
And bring about some type of peace 
Not only in your heart, but also in your mind 
It will benefit all mandkind 
Then there will be one thing that will never stop 
And it's the evil that men do

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