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Исполнитель: Queen Latifah
Название песни: Mama Gave Birth to the Soul Children
Текст песни добавил: Dima
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Queen Latifah - Mama Gave Birth to the Soul Children текст песни, lyrics

[Queen Latifah] 
Possy Dovey! (Yes mama?) Time to get up! 

Hello I'm Queen Latifah how ya doing? 
I hope that you're with this I hope that you're willing 
I want to introduce you to a cut called 
"Mama Gave Birth to the Soul Children" 

Well here comes the goy (Goy?) 
The truth to the goy 
You know the one that ate up like boy 
Stepping with a step, keeping with a kept 
Making an appearance with a notty-head set 
Lunatics you lose cause the Plug 2's singing 
Peace to the negative, nah, you make the weigh-in 
Weigh-in, weigh-in, way out of order 
If you know you're better, you'd better that you caught a 
Waving mine a peace sign higher than a kite 
If you're feeling sick, it's alright it's fever night 
Don't do "Do see do" and dig in no potholes 
Cause if you do we calling in March Patrol 
It's no different from the verbal last heard 
Cayumbo is the ruler that's bond to the word 
He's moving more than three feet, jocking with the knee deep 
Dove is going to leave you with a tweet tweet tweet 

Next on the menu, we continue with the pasta 
Dipped in chocolate, served with lotsa 
Twizzlers and honey, yum yum yummy 
Lyrics I'm flaunting is good for the tummy 
Tiptoing in I proceed to the floors 
Selling much records like a pimp mover 
Excuse me mommy, Pos wins 
Cause I'm the A to the Plug W-O-N 
Brother freak it live for this tribe 
Now let's ride down the highway of vibes 
Pushing that we start cause the soul says please 
Cutting back with the raps and we don't get cheese 
Ducks and we sit need to get ???? 
Cause preacher is the key to the casualty 
Polaroid flicks are back and you know 
That the soul is moving on up like the Jeffersons 

Go mommy! (Repeat 16x) 

[Queen Latifah] 
I'm back, a black queen upon the scene 
With a knack for funky tracks, know what I mean? 
Prince Paul produces this and it's a fly one 
It has a beat that weigh, he's one of my sons 
It's a family affair and then we're out of here 
There is no doubt here, cause this is our year 
So flex to a Queen Latifah/De La Soul sound 
(Go ahead mama get down) 
It's inevitable that this joint venture would be incredible 
We never put ourselves on any pedistal 
But the rhyme is so good it's practically edible (Say what?) 
So check the sounds of Mama Zulu 
As I relay the story untold 
And if you're wondering why I got kids so big 
They weren't born from the body, they were born from the soul 

(De La Soul gives shoutouts til fade)

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