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Исполнитель: Queen Latifah
Название песни: Paper
Текст песни добавил: Darya
1071 просмотров с 2009-06-04 19:48:38
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Queen Latifah - Paper текст песни, lyrics

1 - ReFugees, go 'head and do it 
Go 'head and do it 

Repeat 1 five times 

Ooh, I betca' wondering how I knew 
That you been tryin' to infultrate my crew 
It ain't no hiding from the Flava U. 
Don't get it confused, you ain't untouchable 
(Go 'head and do it) 
And while I been tryin' to keep my cool like a queen 
(Ooh, like a queen) 
Without them bringin' the naughty girl outta me 
(Ooh, naughty girl outta me) 

2 - Don't cha know I heard you tryin' to take mine 
While I shine, you're living fake lives 
Don't ya know I heard you tryin' to take mine 
But while I shine ya lip and fake y'all styles 
All around me 
(Hata's tryin' to play La' 
but they know that they can't take her paper) 
Go 'head and do it 

Everybody talking see 
Spreadin' them lies about my friends and me 
They say that we're tighter than suppose to get 
That's because I haven't let ya chill wit me yet 
You make it hard for a girl to roll 
(Ooh, girl to roll) 
But make it easy so my pockets stay swol' 
(ooh, pockets stay swol') 

Repeat 2 

That's right, yeah 
Check it, check it, why 
Check it, check it 
Come on, come on 
Yo, yo 
Where my fellas at? Where my fellas at? 
Where my ladies at? Where my ladies at? 

[Queen Latifah] 
As I look back on my life (check it) 
To get where I am I had to sacrifice 
You slammed my name in your magazine 
This business gets hard tryin' to stay a queen 
You're checkin' for me, you need to check yourself 
(Ooh, check yourself) 
And be someone, not someone else 
(Ooh, someone else) 

Repeat 1 

Ad lib until fade

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