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Исполнитель: Queen Latifah
Название песни: Wrath of My Madness
Текст песни добавил: Dima
1207 просмотров с 2009-06-04 19:53:51
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Queen Latifah - Wrath of My Madness текст песни, lyrics

My mellow Latee was kicking flavor 
The R.E. posse said "Yo Latifah we can do this" 
So I paused in the thought and in my brillance I caught 
And I agreed because I already knew this 
Now you should want to flex cause I'm in full effect 
Queen Latifah is five oh on this set 
You've been begging and dying for somebody's rhyming to set you free 
For God so loved the world he gave to me 
I'm cooling tacher knows me in school and 
The mic, this mic in my hand, I'm ruling 
So prepare your mind for my lifeline 
And meet the new Queen of Royal Badness 
Latifah has the spirit so head for the water 
And dive into the wrath of my madness 

(Latifah does a rasta chorus) 

Some MC's have gold and African vein 
And useing each other to compete with 
These subjects I pity because their minds are not witty like mine 
To write a rhyme so delicious you can eat it 
There are those who like my taste, but don't consider biting 
There's penalties for those who don't do writing, just be reciting 
Everyone else's word that took a lot of thinking 
It's not a fortune your thoughts are shrinking 
While mine are growing, yes you know like all the woman inside of me 
Despite what you do or say, and even in spite of me 
Brothers catch my eye with little hijinks, like I wish 
Dying to have a lover of my likeness 
So release all your shyness, call me "Your highness" 
And dare to feel the wrath of my madness 

(Latifah does a rasta chorus) 

Word of mouth is always everlasting 
And everlasting are the words that I bring 
The ruler of the ring is Lord Ramsey 
And music is made by Mark the 45 King 
You tremble for my treble, you're begging for the bass 
The voice is too vicious, the same as the pace 
The crowds, they love me, they give only hugs 
The shrinked-to-fit buttonflies fit quite snug 
As a bug, you know why? Because I'm bugging 
Of the beats that DJ Mark is loving 
So plex on the sounds that I'm pumping 
I'm jumping with the energy to turn your mind to gladness 
Come on, just get into it, don't lie and say you've been through it 
Feel the wrath of my madness 

(More rasta singing) 

I scene is mine cause I took it 
I took it for the money and I took it for the fun 
Don't step up in my face, you don't want to feel the taste 
Don't try and play me out, cause I am not the one 
Brothers on my brastrap, sisters clocking my sound, why? 
Because they wanna be down with the 
Queen L-A-T-I-F-A-H in command 
I supply the concept for you to understand 
For those who want to bite, don't make me have to fuss 
The only thing you get is the gluteous maximus 
Suckers on the tip, you're loving me, you're leaving me 
You wish that one day you could have this 
Come on, you know the time, just be thankful for the rhyme 
And get up on the wrath of my madness 

(Extended ragga outro)

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