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Исполнитель: Mims
Название песни: They Don't Wanna Play
Альбом: Music Is My Savior (2007)
Текст песни добавил: Dima
1378 просмотров с 2009-06-05 15:57:05
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Mims - They Don't Wanna Play (feat. Bun B, Bad Seed) текст песни, lyrics

[screwed up:] 
They talkin big baby 
They they talkin big baby 
They talkin big baby 
They they talkin big baby 

They don't wanna play 
They don't wanna play 
They don't they don't they don't wanna play 
They don't wanna play they talkin big baby 
They don't wanna play 
They don't wanna play 
They don't wanna u can get the fuck up out of trill niggas way 

[Verse 1:] 
Say u a killa killa 
Say u bout that skrilla skrilla 
Watch out wen them bullets spray (braaaaaaaaaaaaaaat) 
Jus might get fill up fill up 
Mr. Potatoe Head 
U gone make me kill this nigga 
U claimin yo flow is sick? 
Yea well mine is illa illa 
Catch me in that dirty dirty 
Feed up in that villa villa 
So live I'm the 05 thrilla in manilla 
Come thru with the triple village 
Straight from the bottom to the top of the buildin 
Nigga I'm about my bread!!!! 
My flow is yo ceilin ceilin 
Nigga pop off 
Finna get popped my word is booooorn 
Wanna shoot the head up 
Meet me in the ring lets go it's ooooon 
Ain't affraid wut u niggas got to offa 
Got killas in the mit that'll off ya 
Yawl niggas ain't on the same level 
Pull up pull off in the vocsha 
One day in my life it el cost ya 
Look away look back I lost ya 
I ain't a killa main 
But I will thats word on my son and my up boan daughter 
You meet me by the creek by the crawler 
I'm the on sippin weight cruch the balla 
You niggas is hustlin backwards 
(they talkin big baby) 


[Verse 2:] 
I tried to told em not to act up 
But he didnt listen 
Now his colla bone and rib cage 

Out of position 
I'ma big dude 
Trapped in a lil nigga body nigga 
I ont know karate but ill body ya whole party 
He ain't see shit all he seen is a shottie 
Next he seen jesus 
Pick up the putisis 
I'm the shit mattafact in shiesest 
Don't make me show u wut a beast is 
Nigga get on ya grind stoop ya 
Slackin on ya day to day 
U know wut time it is and I ain't flava flave 
But ima new york nigga spittin razor blades 
Ill leave u hurt like u label paid 
U was tough last wee but u soundin real gay today 
So get the fuck up out of trill niggas way 
Man I will lean u like a kick stand 
Rock u like a wristband 
Cut chu then I switch hands 
(they they talkin big baby) 


[Verse 3:] 
Now all u pussy niggas 
Fuck boys snitches and hoes 
Make way for the trill slammin cadillac does 
Represent for pop trunkers 
Wit the trues and the voes 
Chunkin deuces out the roof fuckin up the side shows 
From the pros to begginners 
L 7's to the winners 
Southern course steakas 
To the chicken dinnas 
And grind all the binnas 
And need to get it out 
Find a tight trap 
And then I said it out 
Bet cha bout them dolla 
On the best cause I'm back 
I'm the true and certified who resieded pimpin back 
Fat joe is cood coke and the crack and the flesh 
Young jeezy the snow man 
But I pack is the best 
So wen u see the 8 and the A 
Put the hatin away 
Joey is back and we been waitin to play 
Trigga finga waitin to spray 
Leavin ya punchured 
And u ont wanna see any trill niggas at a conjuction 
(they talkin big baby) 


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