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Исполнитель: Mims
Название песни: Without You
Альбом: Music Is My Savior (2007)
Текст песни добавил: Dima
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Mims - Without You текст песни, lyrics

Nothin's been right

since you walked

out my life, so

please come back

cause i cant eat

i cant sleep, and

i cant go on, no

just cant go on 

without you...

See I was trynna do what I gotta (yeah)

you see I been around the globe but no Im not a trotter (uh)

Im just a fiend for them green for them dollars (right)

So baby I dont mean what I mean when I holla (im sorry)

After models, could blame it on the bottles, but

the truth is, I aint into excuses

The hoes love it when they see the coupe roof-less

Thats why Im always on that new shit

Cause, when I dropped in, hoes drop in

at the hotel and soon we got the clothes droppin

the game- they kept callin me but no stoppin

Im on the road doin shows so you can go shoppin

Now, you lonely moved on me

In the hood word is you got a new homie

But I aint mad, do you homie

Cause for me its mic check 1,2 homie..

Up on a play on the way out, London, UK

Shorty at homie cryin out 'won't you stay' (whats wrong wit you)

She cant stand the fact I'll be back in 2 days

Top all that I attract the groupies

So she sick til her tummy hurts

Honey-dip dont understand how money works

She said I work too hard with no play

She dont that that Im out there where them hoes stay (yeah)

Or in the back of the club all in that rosay 

rippin that bar up

End of the night Ima alcohol her

Im all up in the Waldorf Historia

In the suite with Miranda and Claudia

Weekend love is all that I can offer her

So when I get home Im more like a foreigner

Im in and out from NY to Florida

LA to TX then South of the Border

Baby girl, baby baby girl

as soon as im back I'll take you around the world

I know its whack I put ya life through hell

I try to compromise with gifts babes, but still

This is real til the death of me

Cause you stuck around when there was nothin left of me

You was there for me, plus you cared for me

So forever you will always get respect from me (let's go...)

Baby your love means so much to me

With you is where I always wanna be

lovin you makes my life complete

You make my life complete- oh-ohhhohhh

she said she said she said she said she said she said 

baby girl, baby baby girl... baby girl, baby baby girl

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