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Исполнитель: Culcha Candela
Название песни: This Is A Warning
Текст песни добавил: Dima
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Culcha Candela - This Is A Warning текст песни, lyrics

this is a warning to every nation now
we got we come as one cause we need some more love hear me come come calling to all di youth dem now whether east unite whether west unite
all together right now

La pobreza te rompe la cabeza
es otra forma de vida muy dificil sin salida muchos lo intentan de cualquier manera
pero caen antes de llegar a la frontera
otros pasan pierden la paciencia
se vuelven criminals y utilizan la violencia
la pobreza nos rompe la cabeza
nos muestra otos caminos que influyen los destinos
so much poverty in a rich country
upper class sell dem love fi di industry
people getting blinded by fake reality
they earn money but dem lose humanity
it's all about insanity what I see inna tv
day by day people run crazy
it's a family that di people really need
just more unity
so much poverty j.straight tell we
so me gwaana share di flow no rearea
unity that's what we need right there
peace and love now fi everybody
poverty fi get dust and away
tax fi di rich fi di poor country
industry then dem rich dem fi pay
dust a worldwide poverty


Do re mi fa so hoo hoo
you betta mira at your backdoor
it's l-a-r-s-I-t-o
ya tu tienes tu despido
no te pongas nervioso come tu coco
y goza mi flow flow
estilo progresivo con carino uptempo
en alemania nos hemos encontrado con inspiracion culcha candela se ha formado
con la bendicion cion cion avanzado
nadie nos detiene union nos mantiene
importante es lo que dios decia hay mado

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