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Исполнитель: Culcha Candela
Название песни: In Da City
Текст песни добавил: Dima
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Culcha Candela - In Da City текст песни, lyrics

In da city where the party always gonna rock on
Inna sunshiny weather where people come together
Berlin City love you but sometimes I got to move
on sometimes I got to come down from the
trouble, from the noise and from the sound

Inna berlin city woman and man dem irie
but me overstand well how somebody flee flee
when me sit by di riverside feeling free
when me chat about situation with me brother
still me living inna concrete jungle
big up unu sound but a fire fi di symbol
me haffi escape all di dust and rumble
inna di countryside me a go njam well
me yearn for a juicy
yearning for a powerfull and mighty bushtree
dreaming about walkin inna di country
watching all dem animals around there dem a live free 
down inna di real jungle with no concrete
man a plant seed or dem belly stay empty
living inna berlin city
and weâ?™re puffing berlin weed


this is the time weâ?™ve been waiting for
itâ?™s the s-u-double m-e-r for sure
sneak sneak to the left, take a peak to the right
look at the ladies oh what a sight
an alle die es spühren
ihr dürft bloss keine zeit verlieren
checkt den park feiert hart erhaltet eure art
larsito wünscht euch gute fahrt
Jonny Strange I say me sitting reminiscing
about last summer
wondering how the time has walked away
everybody was around everybody felt free
(?) and I wonder why
now I am feeling pressure of the society
and bring a little love to the city


Talking about di summertime
was los in den clubs, was los in den bars
where everybody has a good time
was los auf den straßen, was los in den parks
the sweet sweet summertime
was los im norden, was los im süden
where all the people feel fine


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