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Исполнитель: Horizon 8
Название песни: Endless Circle
Альбом: Endless
Текст песни добавил: delya
1125 просмотров с 2009-06-19 02:07:45
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Horizon 8 - Endless Circle текст песни, lyrics

Once again I burn the bridges
As I seek no compromise
My frustration becomes my companion
On a one way track where the secret lies
I cancelled my good intentions
Run away just pass me by
Self-awared I am dangerous
Filthy anger penetrates my mind

New solutions seem so clear
Though its hard to choose specific
Squeeze the trigger, free the lead
Put the bullet through my head

Revealed the clarity 
So close to remedy
Nightmares materialized
Afraid of what I'll be tomorrow 
There is not much left of me
Despair surrounding me
Take aim and blow me away
Disintegrate my sorrow

Electroshock right through my brain
Poisoned thoughts run in my veins
Disintegration of beliefs
This time I'll pay the devils fee
I'll set on fire my world
Cause it seems way too cold
Lost the ability to separate
what's real
I'm trapped in the endless circle

Blow me away
Take me away
Shoot me
Why are you waiting?

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