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Исполнитель: I.F.K.
Название песни: Diffident
Альбом: Mosquito Man
Текст песни добавил: delya
1071 просмотров с 2009-06-19 11:49:36
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I.F.K. - Diffident текст песни, lyrics

Anotha day u hear — somebody kills someone Yo friend becomes lokko 'cause he has too much fun
Start tha way to peace,end tha way to fight U neva feel where's tha limit, neva sure u're right
U always think that u think too much U always say that u will neva be a judge
Two ways to decide, two points — yeah or not U think u neva do mistakes? U keep yo life out
Fear of yoself takes u like a quicksand U know who u are man, u're diffident
Yo favourite words are: May be, I don't know When I talk to u I feel I'm talkin witha hole
U get yo problems and loose yo face Yo independence is an empty place
I know u dream that problems rest in peace Sorry man, it's not ma job so get tha fuck of this
U don't wanna live, but u don't wanna die U just wanna shut up, same time u wanna cry
Open yo eyes and u will understand U have to fight with yoself, man, u're diffident
Hey man, u ask me and I try to help u Trust only yo mind and fuck tha dogmatic truth
No gods except yoself, no gods except yo strong Bewave of crowd, not afraid to be alone
Advices are O.K. but orders — no. FUCK! Rules are not eternal, freedom is yo luck
They really hurry to expose tha judgement all is in yo hands if u're not diffident

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