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Исполнитель: I.F.K.
Название песни: Torn to Ribbonz
Альбом: Mosquito Man
Текст песни добавил: delya
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I.F.K. - Torn to Ribbonz текст песни, lyrics

Deep fail in a head, nuthin on face Dicky thoughts are landin outside of base
Two bocks in a pocket, some hate inside For anotha mothafucka with a bozo mind
Some times I feel in a dead of night That somebody takes all ma bodyscrews out
Yeah, mothafucka, again'n'again I catch tha time and cherish ma brain
I flog ma dreams, flog all reflexes anotha things in this time makes ma distresses
I lost all rools and limits no more Before I will be to ribbonz torn
Torn, torn to ribbonz man Torn to MF ribbonz
Walkin late at night through ma garbage town With thousands fuckin whores' n a packs of spown
They're searcin a cash 'n killin cops I absorbe it in maself, but it's not ma fuckin job
Old pusha said:"Hey, taste ma joint now U'll set off, man, to tha greatest point
He saw ma eyes and took away his ass 'Cause ma fuckin brain was full of grass
Bombastic heroes with big square jawls Malin steel stares strengin their frost balls
They're playn arnolds 'n filterin words Lookin in shopwindows with reflection of gods
Ma fuck off's too quietly for tha crowd and I wish that u make me louda
Whenever I will all that shit ignore and I willbe to ribbonz torn
Hey, u listen brotha, u know I'm not a MF mizantrope man, bur everyone are too
Much bastardoz. and when I'm lookin on this crowd I wanna get 'em one good piece of advice:

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