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Исполнитель: I.F.K.
Название песни: Cry for Indians
Альбом: Mosquito Man
Текст песни добавил: delya
1111 просмотров с 2009-06-19 11:52:39
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I.F.K. - Cry for Indians текст песни, lyrics

Divin in hell — o'shit! I see so many faces, introduse ma meat
Suicide? Right, I neva do what I mean Fight — against who wins
Black — sickness attacks ma eyes Sickness attacks ma ears — spies
Everywhere — bust their asses But we're not aggresive
White — sickness attacks ma mind Run to tha hills , feel tha speedy wheels
Ruin tha ancient civilisations No mercy for oua patience
Tommy — he's so poor boy,has no toy Fatha gone west, motha is under arrest
Home sweet home it's reservation — They not survive like a nation
Fuck! 'N u teel me 'bout tha progress No choice for human knowin less
Than beasts except to kill This manwho runs to tha hill
Discrimination means this kind of organisation
Destitute of their history, have no destiny
Prime guilty has no time To think about — that's crime
Manitu, great Manitu Cry for indians
Radio stations pervert tha situation TV sets lie — hearless cry
Police advise u rest all in peace now attention!
Movements, demonstrations, all this bullshit fiction
This just kind of fuckin addictions To keep tha soul quite and feel right
They think it's better than fight, but … Yon know man, that yo stupid mentality
Kills in u human, u have no personality U're impotent puppet in a skillfull hand
And this games will neva end
Manitu, great Manitu Cry for indians

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