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Исполнитель: T.I.
Название песни: Let Me Tell You Something
Альбом: Trap Muzik
Текст песни добавил: Darya
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T.I. - Let Me Tell You Something текст песни, lyrics

wanna be your man...
lady, let me tell you why...
i know what you thinking..first he can't be my man now he wanna be my man..i wish this nigga make his mind up right?

aye,now what i got to say (say) sealed with a kiss (kiss)... know i can't be your man why i feel like this what i need with a woman when i live like this different chicks running in and out the crib like this maybe 5, maybe 6,7,8 will be enough plus the twins make 10, but for yo i'd give it up walking out in rare form..purple and linen up its hard fr me to discuss what i invisioned for us lots of trust and a crib worth a couple million plus so what if i got a past and labled a dirt bag by the many hearts i've broken and woman i hurt bad might i add chistian diors and vert jags a part of the package still far from a marriage its easy to lose battles that why hearts just stop caring when the attraction is aparent its hard to stop staring

hey baby let me tell you something come here and let me tell you something (lady,let m tell you why...said i can't live my life without you...

aye,if i can get a little bit of your time shawty i got some shit i want to get off my mind and i know you get enough of niggas hollarin ya fine intruductions and interruptions man them partners of mine, my bad i know you think im probably lying and i stop and conversate with ladies all of the time man,look but half of that shit is all in your mind they say you should follow your heart and im following mine hey,but anyway when i see your face im thinking 3 or 4 days in montego bay at the half room, but i know she gone say i already have too many hoes i know, but if i had you all the doe i blow wanna 11 carat trinks stones trimmed in gold i wanna be the reason that you showin your teeth without a worry in the world when you rollin with me ,aye

hey baby lett me tell you something come here i need to tell you something (lady, let me tell you why...said i can't live my life without you...

lady,let me tell you why...said i can't live my life without you (naw baby, naw baby)wanna be your man

lady,lady,lady,lady,let me tell you why...i can't live my life tell you why (my,my,my life) wanna be your man

lady. let me tell you why... said i can't live my life without you wanna be your man

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