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Исполнитель: Busta Rhymes
Название песни: Abandon Ship
Текст песни добавил: Dima
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Busta Rhymes - Abandon Ship текст песни, lyrics

[Busta Rhymes] 
UHHHH!! You don't know what we doin right here! 

Intro/Chorus One: repeat 2X 

One two three we gon' turn it out 
And make you rock to the beat and then scream and shout 
We gonna hit you with the shit we got here 
We gonna blow your miiiinnnd (blow your miiiinnnd) 
Keep it movin like this, keep it movin like that 
If I die, I'ma only come back 
Yo, I'm saying if you think that you can step to me wrong 
Don't even waste your tiiiimmme (waste your tiiiimmme) 

Chorus Two: 

You niggaz talk shit then abandon ship 
Niggaz talk shit then they abandon ship 
Niggaz talk shit, then they abandon ship 
Niggaz talk shit then they abandon ship 

Verse One: Rampage the Last Boy Scout, Busta Rhymes 

I 8Off like the Assassin, now I'm blastin I'm takin over 
Stick you for your blue Range Rover 
I told ya, Rampage a real live soldier 
Been in the game, sinc the age of thirteen 
A microphone fiend, so I'm goin to see my P.O. 
It's August the 1st, so I guess I'm a Leo 
My P.O., look like Vanessa Del Rio 
She pulled my rap sheet, just like, Neo Geo 

Hahahaaa! I always roam through the forest 
Just like a brontosaurus, born in the month of May 
so my sign is Taurus, kick you in your face 
like my fuckin name was Chuck Norris, make you sing my chorus 
Rock to the beat and then, turn into a walrus 
You remain nameless, my victory remains flawless 
Acting like you wild, but I know you really harmless 
While your time is coming, I make the fat shit regardless 

Many niggaz wanna know when the Ramp return 
Yo I'm gettin phone calls from that nigga Howard Stern 
He wants to know about my Flip Mode click 
The way we get down and BUST NIGGAZ SHIT 
LP after LP, we make G's 
I run up in your ganks den take you for your keys 
I'm not lying or joking, you get broken 
Dead in Flatbush, back to Roanoake and... 

People always askin me, how your shit be sellin 
For makin shit guaranteed to bust your fuckin melon 
Police throwed me up on charges like I was a felon 
There was no tellin, when I was strikin had you swellin 
Cruisin in my Lands, watch the police how they be gellin 
Lock you up for days and got a nigga ass smellin 
Yo FUCK THAT! You best believe there ain't no time for dwellin 
If you ain't makin noise you need to kill the fuckin yellin 

Chorus One 
Chorus Two 

Verse Two: Rampage, Busta 

Yo, yo, yo I run up in your set like a New York city... 
I can't slip, I beat you down with my vice grip 
Your lost, that means you way off course 
No remorse, I'm gettin five in The Source 

I be saddleback biting motherfuckers like a horse 
Turn and toss, niggaz all up in my applesauce 
Watch me reinforce, my shit feel good like intercourse 
Ever since I was a shorty rockin Hugo Boss 

Aiyyo bust it Bust (why) you just made my day 
If you didn't put me on I'd be locked like O.J. 
Now I'm writin rhymes hittin shorties everyday 
In the full runnin drinkin ice Tanqueray 
I don't eat pork I take a fish fellet 
Now I'm knockin out niggaz from .. to .. touche! 
Now I'm goin back around the way 
I'm rippin shit, like my name was Marvin Gaye 

Yo, now I'm back with more Bionic like my name was Colt Seavers 
Got you niggaz open like a bunch of wide receivers 
Time is on the meter, go clean your act up in the cleaners 
Chickenhead, give me some of your chicken fajitas 
Yo I beg your pardon, I write my rhymes way past the margins 
Squeeze the Charmin, peace to one million men marchin 
When you talk shit you really don't know what you startin 
Now your shit is done like a fuckin empty milk carton 

It's on for the nine-six, mad shows at the Ritz 
Now we got you open like Fixx 
Stickin to your stomach like Quaker Oat Grits 
Fisherman hat with my brand new kicks 
On the low, I still rock my Girbauds 
See the show, I got my nickel plated fo'-fo' 
All my rough niggaz open the do' 
Cause Boy Scout brings the ruckus and I'm still hardco' 

Yo, when I walk streets you know my blade's a little sharper 
Fuck Peter Parker, I cross you like a magic marker 
Everytime I hit I always hit a little harder 
Blazing to the point where niggaz look a little darker 
Catching suntans from my music, fans understand 
Making fat shit, I always love to lend a helping hand 
Organized rhyme unit like the Poison Clan 
While your ride is busted, I be your luxury Sedan 
Number one nigga in the chain of command 
Breakin fool in school like my nigga Geechie Dan 
Aiyyyyyo, I see intruders on my scan 
Singin at your funeral like Bobby Bluebland 

Chorus One

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