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Исполнитель: Busta Rhymes
Название песни: Ante Up
Текст песни добавил: Dima
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Busta Rhymes - Ante Up текст песни, lyrics

[Busta Ryhmes] 
Attention please, attention please!! 
This shit here feels like a whole entire WORLD collapsed! 
Motherfuckerrrrrrrrrr! Yeah, yeah, yeah (yeah) yeah! 
Yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah) 
Buck (buck) buck (buck) buck (buck) buck (buck) buck 

Busta Rhymes now, M.O.P. now 
What you want now? (What you want now?) 
What you want now? (What you want now?) 
What you want now? (What you want now?) 
What you want now? 
(What you want want want want want want BUCK BUCK) 

ANTE UP!! No, cut that fool! 
They want to act stupid gun-butt that fool 
When I cock that tool, nigga run your damn jewels 
'fore we fuck around and lay you up in your own blood pool, nigga 
Hunt you down nigga, run your ass down 
Unleash the hounds til them niggaz'll gun your ass down (STOP IT) 
You frontin like this was a thing of the past 
With tattoos over the scars a nigga left on your ass! 
My niggaz think lopsided, bust they gat cross-sided 
In the subways they rob trains runnin along-side it! 
(BUCK BUCK) See motherfucker we don't play with that shit 
And if you want your shit back you had to PAY for that shit! 
You little costume niggaz, Romper-Room niggaz 
Get you in the night or early in the afternoon niggaz 
We takin your whole shit WHILE WE PASS THROUGH 
Even the shirt off your back, nigga RUN THAT TOO 

[Remi Martin] 
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah 
I catch you backstage, give me the keys to the Escalade 
You think you cute hoe? Take off them Gucci shades 
I get my dogs to do you dirty, they all seven-thirty 
Rock a ski-mask, whether it's June or February 
I take your show money (OHH!) take your 'dro money (OHH!) 
Yo yap that fool, cause I don't know money! 
For my peeps that hat

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