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Исполнитель: Busta Rhymes
Название песни: Get High Tonight
Текст песни добавил: Dima
1715 просмотров с 2009-06-25 20:41:56
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Busta Rhymes - Get High Tonight текст песни, lyrics

Verse 1: 

Before I set it off and show what I'm gonna do to ya 
Possess the bomb chocolate from off Lynden and Utica 
My real live niggas in the place and no queen 
Wave your splif high son 
Fuck the bullshit 
When your arms are open 
My palms release the bomb 
Reviving the alarm 
My word is bond 
Scream at niggas through the intercom 
Up to date, let's roller skate 
Yo my whole squad smoking aint straight unless we smoking at eight 
High rate, I always produce the potion 
Weed smoking got me moving slow motion like we floatin on relax ocean 
All my peeps who feel high 
Dont want you darkin shades, there's to much smoke up in your eye 
Keep it swingin listen to all of my bells ringin 
My get high has niggas wantin to start singin 
And this goes out to those that smoke out the bong 
And all my bitches in the place who roll they own draws 

Chorus: repeat 2X 

Buy a nickel bag 
Smoke a little lye 
Get high tonight 
Get high tonight 

Verse 2: 

Yo, bounce back you just caught the contact african black overreact 
I'm bout to bench the whole wack must interact on every track 
Blow this spot down niggas break fool and smoke across the world almanac 
My sons that don't smoke and get high 
drinkin Cognac, Hennesey, Cristal but wait 
What's goin on with dat? 
With the deal done sometimes I sip Jamaican white rum 
Taste with a little milk, I know y'all niggas want some 
Represent where you from needing some tic tacs and gum 
So a nigga breath don't blahhh!!! 
Get high, then i get fly 
When i be shopping at the atrium 
Smoking in the center of Yankee stadium 
Stand strong, yes we rock on and on 
The Flipmode stamps all of my songs 
They get a place them niggas must perfrom 
Smoke till your brain fry 
So high you can't open your eye 
My niggas need to just 

Chorus 5X

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