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Исполнитель: Liz Phair
Название песни: Elvis, Be True
Альбом: The Girlysound Demos (1995)
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
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Liz Phair - Elvis, Be True текст песни, lyrics

Everyone's talking 'bout Elvis
'Cause it seems like the thing that we do
Elvis is walking around listlessly
Seems he can't even die if he wanted to
It's a bad business to be in
You don't get thanked and you don't get paid
It's a hard world to be in with
And to end with, and to think about leaving behind

Exhuming the body in Memphis
Waiting five hours to get into Graceland
Is this anybody's idea of a good time or a good joke?
Airport biographies are usually true
Fame and fortune took its' toll
He's not the king of rock and roll anymore
He's just a junkie redneck

Pull the sheet over your head
Fold your arms across your chest
Lie back in bed, you can call folks constantly tomorrow
Ohhh, everyone's talking 'bout Elvis
'Cause it seems like a thing that we do
Elvis is living too fat and slow now
To care what we say about him
Picking up hitchhiking Elvises
Christening babies at the foot of his grave
He was watching TV and laughing to himself
Just had to tell someone how he did it

Elvis, be good to me
Elvis, be true
Elvis, I love you
Elvis, be true

Elvis, be near me
Elvis, be mine
Elvis, come back to me
Please, Elvis, be fine

Everything's coming up roses
Everything's coming up Elvis
Everything's coming up roses
Everything's coming up Elvis


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