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Исполнитель: Busta Rhymes
Название песни: Make Noise
Текст песни добавил: Dima
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Busta Rhymes - Make Noise текст песни, lyrics

Hoo, hah, hoo, hah 
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah 
Rock star shit niggas 
From the street, to the stadium 
From the street, to the stadium 
From the street, to the stadium niggas 
Now c'mon! 

[Verse 1] 
Bouncing, everytime I be hittin y'all niggas with shit 
That be makin y'all niggas really wanna black up in the fucking spot 
We keepin hot for my niggas fresh up off the block 
Now all my people bust a shot BLOW, BLOW, BLOW! 
Bus a Bus is back all in your face and I'm back to replace 
And lace y'all niggas with shit that'll totally erase 
These other corny niggas up outta your head 
As far as I'm concerned none of them niggas can fuck with the dreds 
Yeah, yeah, I be keepin it movin, and be keepin it groovin 
Rep for my niggas by showin and provin 
That we the illest when it comes to this here 
Now go get the drinks, go get the blunts, and get the fire 
What you say? YEAH, YEAH, YEAH! 
What the fuck is bounce up in your truck when you start to conduct 
Yourself in a way that be makin you wanna fuck 
Wild out in the spot, and get to actin like savages 
Tell the one who manages the spot, I got the damages 
HO, HO! 

I know y'all niggas want it (I know y'all bitches want it) 
I know y'all really need it 
The shit to keep you bouncin 
To keep the party heated 
Make Noise, Make Noise, Make Noise, Make Noise, c'mon! 

[Verse 2] 
Busta Rhymes givin it to y'all niggas so check me out 
While I pick up my crew and pick up Rah Digga 
I'm talkin 'bout how we be puttin it down wit my Flipmode familia 
That's a fact we comin through, so step back 
Get the fuck up off of me and please release me from my shackle 
Watch me and my crew and how we tacklin corner the market 
Y'all niggas know exactly how we about to spark it 
Makin all of you the target, BLAU, BLAU, BLAU!! 
See how we be keepin it comin regardless whatever the reason 
It never matters whatever the season 
Now peep how we wildin', and breezin on through 
When you know that we will keep it together whatever, get the cheddar 
Yeah now, lemme continue to talk to my people and continue 
To blow the roof off the building and right before we get to 
Wreckin the spot everybody climb up on something and tear the lights 
Up off of the ceiling, BO, BO, BO, BO!! 


Hoo, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah 
Ha, Busta Rhymes, Lenny Kravitz, Make Noise now, c'mon! 
From the streets, to the stadium, Busta Rhymes, Lenny Kravitz 
Here we go now, Make Noise now, everybody now, c'mon! 

[Verse 3] 
How's about to keep it kinda raw and just give it to motherfuckers 
And how we smash it and cash it we rip it from motherfuckers 
You know we got it, you niggas know we rockin 
And get all up in your pocket, YO, YO, YO!! 
Yeah, yeah me and brother named Lenny Kravitz 
We tearin it down and blowin the spot in the Jacob Javitz 
However you wanna do it grab the gas and the matches and start the fire 
Take it up a little higher! YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!! 


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