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Исполнитель: Busta Rhymes
Название песни: Rhymes Galore
Текст песни добавил: Dima
1625 просмотров с 2009-06-28 21:29:54
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Busta Rhymes - Rhymes Galore текст песни, lyrics

Rhymes galore(7x) 
This is for the motherfuckers out there on some real hiphop shit. 

Ya'll, ya'll, ya'll 
Mayday mayday, mayday mayday 
Walk bared foot all day like kunta kinte 
So what you say 
What is you doin you walkin this way 
I burn you like I'm smokin a jalis with helta censa 
I be design fashion like Marvin Kanhan 
Yes I keep it slamin shit just be bangin just like a loose canon, blow 
You better park, niggas are spark, niggas like sharp 
niggas a stay up ripen shit a part, niggas float over water like Noa's ark 
niggas cover your face and don't get caught up in the scene when nigga dark 
Eh, excuse me misses 
Sure ta hit you with the fitness 
Give you niggas the sickest jumpin johva witness 
Beamin in on niggas plotin and skimin 
And steady dreamin on how niggas do they double teamin 
Fuck the bullshit 
My nigga it be best shit on by day before you get secret indidit 
Make me slap a nigga lop sided 
Hold up son listen 
It be so beautiful when we catch you like a nigga so there's to much 
Come and get it quick 
When Busta Rhymes be up in the place 
Does who don't like go get the dick I give you a taste 
A yo you need just focus on my earth trembalin 
Rhymes that ya'll be feel-e-in by the million 
Fucka your opin-e-ion 
Dominatin like Kings Dominion 
Leanin on niggas like we on motorcycles pop a wheel-e and 
A yo number one Roman numeral completing the exscutanal shit is usual 
I ain't scared of ya 
Takin all of ya powafenalia 
That's my words on misses Mahelia 
Hope you know your best bet 
Just to get the fuck out of my area 
Before I rip you from myintrea 
And hope you know you got to keep a corny nigga smothered grab the gat 
off the covet you never know when shit is safe so keep your face covered 
While I be scorchin it 
A lot of niggas be lookin for alternates 
They still just lose their life that's so unfortunate 
Trail blazin me since my mother started raisin me 
Hit you with the powerful shit that sometimes amazes me 
I create junkies just like 12 monkeys 
Spreadin right threw out your block 
Catchin suspects who thinkin they so lucky 
Violen clear for those who cannot properly hear 
Frequency so loud shatter a couple a pair of your chandler 
Now when I'm in the place give me space 
Nothin left for me to do my niggas blew up the place 
What the fuck, ha ha 
I got rhymes galore 
Rhymes galore, ya'll I got rhymes galore, rhymes galore 
My Flipmode niggas got rhymes galore, rhymes galore 
Busta Rhymes got rhymes galore, rhymes galore 
A yo yo I got rhymes galore, yo we got rhymes galore 
Rhymes galore, rhymes galore, rhymes galore, rhymes galore 
Me and my squad got rhymes galore 
Fuck that

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