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Исполнитель: One Chance
Название песни: Look At Her
Альбом: Private (2007)
Текст песни добавил: Dima
1113 просмотров с 2009-06-28 23:43:24
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One Chance - Look At Her текст песни, lyrics

One Chance.. 
What's happenin' 
Ay. Fabo! 
What's happenin' 
Us Us Us 
What's happenin' 
Look At her 
Look At her 
What's happenin' 
Look AT her! 

Shawty, come here give me them goodies 
Got my perifial's on and girl I see you lookin' 
The way you make it roll, then you stop wit it 
Drop down and then you make them fingers pop with it 
Baby, do ya thang, get ya shine on 
Just like that chandelier that's hangin on my collarbone 
Somethin' bout the way you bend your knees and rock yo hips (oh) 
And get the bitin' on your bottom lip (oh) 

Bend low and bend your back up (Girl you're doin' that dance) 
Slow down I'm tryna catch up (But you're movin' too fast) 
Last call you know I'm thinkin' (shawty do you got plans?) 
Lemme show you how I livin' (cuz I'm sittin on rims) 

Look At Her! 
She know she sexy with her heels on 
Look At Her! 
The way she dancin' know she 
Look AT Her 
Look At Her 
Look At her! 
I'm bout to see if I can take her home 
Have her hummin' in my microphone. 

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