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Исполнитель: Clawfinger
Название песни: Die High
Альбом: Use Your Brain (1995)
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
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Clawfinger - Die High текст песни, lyrics

Going down slow, how low can you get
Before you break yourself and wake up in a sweat
On the killing floor with the damage done
You can pity yourself but your race is run
You can climb the walls without reaching the top
And the higher you feel the further you drop
But you just want to get high
Going one step further, slipping down the line
You're living your life on borrowed time
How much abuse can you take from yourself
Is your addiction worth more than life itself
When you make the bet you have to pay the debt
And if you're lucky you can live
with your own reget or you can get high 

Get high push your luck to the limit
You're gonna die high
Get high if you think you can win it
You're gonna die high
Don't lie cos you're stuck right in it
You're gonna die high
Get high why the fuck are you in it
You're gonna die high 

There's a lot of good reasons but no excuse
You can never justify your drug abuse
You can legalize the hit but the problems remain
You still feel like shit the effect's the same
You're wasting your time with that fucking crap
The choice is yours and I can give you that
And you still want to get high 

You can never rely on the drugs you buy
You can never deny all the tricks you try
You can do anything just to get your fix
You can try anything just to get your kicks
You don't hesitate to cheat or lie
And bad excuse is a good abili
You say you hate yourself and you want to die
But it's all the same you still want to get high

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